Eco prints & natural dyeing

Everyday tons and tons of floral offering from temples and other religious places and functions goes into waste bins or landfills in India. We have taken initiative to prevent this by using this floral waste for eco printing and natural dyeing at our workshop, Aartyz Nagpur.

We collect, segregate and dry these flowers and leaves for extracting colors, fabric dyeing and eco printing at our unit.

We prefer fabrics such as cotton, khadi, linen or other natural fibers which are bio degradable and eco friendly. 

Other than flowers and leaf dyes, we also use regular kitchen ingredients like termeric, peels of fruits and vegetables like onion, pomengranate, red cabbage, beat root, leaves like tea, heena, spinach, indigo and left over vegetables fom veggi carts for color extraction.

Embrace the sustainable fashion wave with our eco print fabrics in different colors and patterns. Each creation is an exquisit reflection of nature and just like nature itself, it never fails to surprise.

Eco prints are made by rolling and steaming fabrics after spreading dried natural elements like flower patels and leaves on them. The final product is an exclusive piece of cloth with patterns and impressions made by natural dyes and tannins from these natural elements. The whole process takes a few days to accomplish, but the results are mesmerisingly beautiful.

Due to the distinctive technique used in the design crestion process, no two pieces of the fabric are ever the same. Eco printing bestows a soulful, close to nature feel to the textile, also reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.

Let us offer our gratitude towards mother nature by caressing her creations and adorning garments made from the blessings she has showered us with in abundance.

The remainants of the natural elements are further given for generation of manure or biogas. The process makes the technique 100% zero waste, sustainable and eco friendly.

The fabric pieces which are left unused after making the product are used for making smaller items like bags, potlis, coin purses, roti rumals, aprons, masks, toran, infant clothing items like diapers, cotton menstrual pads and other items of daily uise.

See our eco print photo gallery for the latest creations from our studio.

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