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With the vision of MAKE IN INDIA, Aartyz started off as a GRUHA UDYOD [home based enterprise] with the primary focus on reviving the age-old art of hand block printing. We aim in transforming the traditional hand-crafted textile to comfortable timeless clothing and lifestyle products.



Aartyz is a proud “ALL WOMEN ORGANISATION” which aims at generating employment opportunities to creative and aspiring women. We take an extra effort for the ladies who come from economically weaker section of the society. We take pride in providing free training to underprivileged women to make them self-reliant. WE are dedicated in setting up the path of revival and resurgence of the glorious hand block printed textiles.


Aartyz vision is to create sustainable lifestyle products and contribute to play a part in creating awareness for India’s rich heritage in hand block printed textiles.

We celebrate the craft of block printing by sustaining the exquisite beauty it inherits through modern reinterpretation of heritage. Our premise that “hands are the value addition”. the materials are passed through several hands to create works that are unique. 


Our design studio is equipped with skilled artisans, printers, tailors, designers, and many more creative ladies involved in the making of Aartyz. The authenticity of Aartyz is bringing this craft to a large audience through our variety of concepts, colours, prints, clothing and lifestyle. As we continue to expand our range of merchandises, our current goal is to create a niche in the market with an honest product. From a range of apparels to lifestyle products, the merchandise is not just diversified, it is also forever evolving and getting better with the latest innovations and techniques. 


Drawing inspirations from every corner of our country, every creation is a piece of art. Deep rooted respect for culture and traditions is reflected in our collection.


Aartyz is not merely a fashion label, but a spirit which embodies to accelerate change. Our continuous and sustained effort to work with the indigenous craft of hand block printing, ensuring the craft is kept alive and authentic at its origin.

Effortless styling is the brand identity, the clothing line highlights the versatility, functionality in its relaxed silhouettes. Lifestyle product emphasises a quality of timelessness. We believe in conscious consumerism.


Located at Nagpur, our full-fledged unit comprises of a dedicated team which upholds quality standards of the products. From the conception to the final packaging of a product, the team works in tandem. One of the many things which Aartyz takes pride in is the quality. With an ISO certification, the manufacturing process is closely monitored with an in-house quality control team. This stringent on-site and online quality checks ensure consistent product quality throughout the product line. Apart from keeping the merchandise safe from wear and tear during transit, its standard of packaging is aesthetically appealing to the end user.


Aartyz has a unique manufacturing approach, where craft person focuses on craft only. Other supporting activities [pre and post production] are being taken care by experts in the respective fields. We developed equipment and techniques which help us reduce wastage and re working. We have created infrastructure to get the optimum output from each skill. This has increased the average earning of our craft person. We at Aartyz, believe in learning and reinventing the art of hand block printing.

Gathering inspiration and expertise from various parts of India such as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, we are making improvements and modifications in the current process [due to the climate of Nagpur and quality of water] and adopt them in our printing method. We also take inspiration and ideas from different techniques to create new concepts.Using traditional hand block printing technique, we design and craft every single product. These printing blocks are made of teak wood and the ink used is permanent pigment ink. This ensures fine designs and long-lasting colours.


Towards making our products eco-friendly, we now are in process of printing with vegetable dyes and natural colours. In spite of being a growing enterprise, we have always taken our role in environmental conservation seriously. We ensure the maximum usage of natural resources available with extensive measures in place to reduce our carbon print.


The fabric pieces which are left unused after making the product are used for making smaller items like planter case, bags, potlis, coasters, coin purses, roti rumals, aprons, masks, toran, infant clothing items like diapers, cotton menstrual pads and other items of daily use. The process makes the technique 100% zero waste, sustainable and eco friendly and results in reducing the carbon footprints.

As an MSME, it is very important to have a connect with the client. In this era of mass productions, Aartyz puts special emphasis on bespoke, customized creations which build up a great rapport with the clients. We have always believed that the best compliment is a repeat order and our commitment is to provide the best services to our clients. Surpassing various challenges and quality standards, Aartyz has managed to break all stereotypes associated with ethnic wear and has now made its way to European markets as well. Our export team is instrumental in talking this bran across the globe. Aartyz has adapted to the rapid digitalization wave and has made its presence across various online portals like AMAZON and FLIPKART. We are also catering to a selection of fashion designers, garment manufacturers, boutiques and organized retail chain stores.

Currently 15-20 ladies are power behind this brand with Aarti at its helm.


What started as a hobby has led to an enterprise which now has an aim to train, employ and support women from the economically weaker section. From a small one room work studio, Aartyz has grown into an organization where livelihood to many families is supported. Our products range includes numerous women wear & home decor items made from block-printed fabrics!

Aparna Sabnis is mother in law of Aarti and is at the helm of running all the operations smoothly and efficiently. For almost five decades of marriage, Mrs. Sabnis, till now spent her life as a devoted housewife and a mother. Being a parent to two officers in the armed forces is not easy. Her meticulous and good upbringing is reflected in her children and grandchildren. Mrs. Sabnis has a fabulous eye for detail and she is blessed with a keen sense of business. She broke all stereotypes of gender and age when she took a keen interest in her daughter in law’s new venture. Apart from her immense faith, she also provided all the necessary support which was required since the inception of aartyz. She takes care of almost all the aspects like staff procurement, production, post-production, sales and marketing. Her enthusiasm, integrity and impeccable moral values have helped aartyz grow into a brand. She is an inspiration to countless other women who are still searching for a purpose during their retirement years. She not only is a strong pillar of support to her daughter in law but also a valuable asset to the company.

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